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Shell Shocked Coin Set
By Mark Mason & Bob Swadling.

Changing coin magic, one gaff at a time.

A complete sell out on its debut at the Columbus Magi-fest.


Beeeeaaauuutiful - Eric Jones

This is SICK- Luke Dancy

Shell Shocked is probably THE strongest Coins Across effect I have ever seen period - Tim Trono

The best SHELL I have EVER seen  Geoff Williams

 What is The Shell Shocked Coin Set?

Well after months of development, Bob Swadling has perfected the DEEP DISH EXPANDED SHELL. This new revolutionary shell along with 4 coins will allow you to perform devastating coin magic.

 These top quality shells are made from one coin. Now you will have 100% confidence in your shell.

No more holding your coin gaff on a funny angle to hide the shell, these shells are minimum 98% to 100% coverage over a regular coin.

The DVD features Mark's Shell Shocked routine. A killer in the hands, no reset, close up or strolling knockout coin routine. This routine is well within the capabilities of the average magician.

The hands are palm up and completely open at all times, yet the coins magically travel from hand to hand.

If you are looking for a professional quality coin set then look no further.

 Bob Swadling has a reputation second to none in the manufacturing of beautiful coin gaffs. With over 50 years in the business, you can rest assured you are getting the best.
Only available direct from  
 Mark Mason/ J B Magic.

Half Dollar Shell Shocked Sets
Walking Liberty Shell Shocked Sets
Morgan Dollar Shell Shocked Sets

I have purchased many items from you. I have to tell you that ( beside the Fully Loaded for a formal show, or when I wear my Jacket) These last two items,  X Act and Shell Shocked are two of the finest Strolling magic and pure genius you have to date. The visual reaction of Shell Shocked is truly amazing. I continue to get better at the presentation and am now very comfortable with the handling. I often am amazed by watching these coins morph into one another as I perform it. You have another solid reputation maker here my friend. Thank you ( and Bob Swadling) for your efforts, and your friendship.
Travel well my friend. You are a Master. Thank You. Your Friend, Pattrick Przysiecki
Hi, Mark
Wow, that was fast!
I got Shell Shocked today...the shell is a beauty!!

David Dooblehorn

Hello Mark,

The package arrived today, Shell Shock is a killer. Such a visual effect, and it happens right before the spectators nose... Wow…. it’s 1am but I cant stop practicing… :-) Thanks for that!

Best regards,
Oliver Stadler Germany

Simply Brilliant, congrats to you and Bob any 100% winner
Stan Holland UK

Mark, This is best routine and Shell I have ever seen.
R.R Johnson CA

Wow, Mark. That is the best coin set yet. Bob did an amazing job with these shells. What an amazing product. Thanks.
Ed Cotham

Hi Mark:
I received Shell Shocked today and just finished watching the DVD. The shell and the routine is, as I expected, bloody brilliant.
Doug Arden

Got my Morgan Shell Shocked set today! The quality and coverage of Bob Swadling's 'super dish' shell is absolutely second to none!
And the routine Mark includes is visually stunning.
Absolutely top drawer! Thanks, Bob & Mark! 
Robert Benedict Florida

I'm "shocked" at the quality of these coins. Best coins I have purchased in a long time!
Frank Velesco FL

Hello Mark, today my Shell Shocked Morgan Dollar Set arrives.
Very, very beautiful work. Thank you very much.
Anja Kirchberger Germany

Hi Mark, Received my half-dollar shell this week. Just to say I\'m absolutely delighted with it. It\'s perfect and looks and feels amazing. Thank you so much. I\'m truly thrilled. Regards,
Ian Birket

Shell-Shocked Sizzler!!!
. --Excellent
Mark, Just to thank you for my half-dollar shell-shocked set. Bob is the best coin gaff guy in the world. The very best shell coin I've seen in 50 years! Well done my man and many congrats to you both. Very highly recommended and worth every penny!!
Steve Cook (UK)


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