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Here at J B Magic we appreciate your custom. There are 100's of websites that offer you magic effects. We pride ourselves on having top quality products and a brilliant customer service.

This site has a built in, Loyalty bonus point scheme. Everything on the site has points attached to it. Once you have made an order and have accumulated an amount of bonus points, these points can be redeemed against any future orders.

So what are the points worth?

Every £1 you spend is worth 1 point for example £83 will show as 83 points in your customer information.

20 points equals £1 this is the equivalent of 5%

When you checkout from the site, you will be asked if you want to use your bonus points. You can use them or save them.

There are NO BLACKOUT items on the site. The points you have earned can be spent on ANYTHING on the site.

You can save your points over a period of time. You may acquire 400 points. You can then use all these points making a £20 trick FREE OF CHARGE.

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