• Hi Everyone

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have just returned from Germany yesterday. I performed two lectures and 1 close up show at the German national championship magic convention.
    We had a great time in Leverkusen. J B Magic are also working hard on several brand new magic effects. These will be killer so watch out for them.
    I am now back in the USA. We have an amazingly busy schedule coming up with national conventions, private and corporate show in July and August. We are just about ready to release Orient Express and Know it all Wallet in the next few weeks.

    All the best for now

  • Triception

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    Hi Everyone
    We have more Triceptions in stock in half dollars, Liberty silver half dollars. We will have a brand new £2 Triception coin set ready for the Blackpool magic convention in 2 weeks. We are getting rave reviews and customers that are actually ordering 2 sets at a time.
    Triception is a top quality close up magic coin set.

    We fly to Columbus Ohio for the annual Magi-fest magic convention this coming Thursday, over 800 magicians will meet to perform card magic, coin magic, mentalism and stage magic effects. We will be displaying 4 brand new items there. It’s looking like a very busy year
    for us here at J B Magic.
    until next time by for now.



  • Star Gazer now in stock with DVD

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    Stargazer By Alan Wong
    Stargazer now comes with a step by step instructional DVD.

    After performing crazy mans handcuffs or any other rubber band effects, you offer to show your spectator one last trick. Using the SAME TWO rubber bands, you make several different shapes. These shapes are all pretty cool. Finally you make the shape of a star. Then one of the bands VISUALLY changes shape and becomes a REAL STAR shaped rubberband.

    This band can be given out for examination or as a souvenir.

    10 stars per pack. comes with instructional DVD.


  • Blink now with DVD

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    Blink By Mark Mason

    One of our best ever selling tricks now comes with a step by step instructional DVD.

    Changes the Card Faster than a Blink of the Eye!

    A card is selected and returned to the deck, the magician claims he will find the card. You look through the deck and remove one card and place it onto the face of the deck. The spectator claims this is the wrong card. You now slowly wave the deck up and down. The card VISUALLY CHANGES into the selection. No covering the deck with your hands or a silk etc the card is in full view the entire time. The selection is removed and shown on both sides. You need to see it to believe it. BLINK IS AMAZING,

    Custom printed cards by USPPC.

    Made by us here at JB Magic.
    Unbelievable Workmanship!

    New style

    Now Twice as Fast & Half as Thick!
    NO Dental Dam Used!

    DVD features routine, handling tips and Marks 2 card transposition on the bonus section.

  • Mark featured on Reel magic DVD

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    I am featured in the latest Reel Magic DVD. There is an in depth interview as well as me performing on there. Take a look I am sure you will enjoy it.


  • Welcome to J B Magic’s Blog

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    Hi Everyone
    I hope all is well with you, we a are now settling into our lives here in the USA.
    sunny Florida, its hot hot hot. I have been so busy lately its unreal. What with private shows,
    manufacturing new magic projects, lectures and conventions its a really busy time for us.

    Last Month we released Crossword we have released Crossword.

    This is a great effect that’s selling as fast as we can make them. Its like Dr daleys last trick
    but has a brilliant twist.

    As many of you are aware Bob and Val Swadling now also live here in the USA. I am now working
    exclusively with Bob and will be carrying many of his BRILLIANT effects. We will be releasing
    Bobs Sympathetic Matchboxes this week. Bob and I filmed the DVD instructions we have a great day.
    I cannot recommend these boxes highly enough its is a FANTASTIC TRICK.

    I have been flat out the last couple of months lecturing and performing since Blackpool I have been to
    Tennessee, Phoenix, Tucson, Long Island, Batavia NY, Toronto Canada, Washington DC, Baltimore and Richmond Virginia.

    Yesterday I lectured and performed at the Tampa day of magic here in Florida It was a great day.

    I will spend this week starting to get ready for the SAM national convention in Atlanta. I will also perform for private clients in Orlando on Friday. It will be a very busy week as we will also launch the matchboxes so the mail order will be nuts as well.

    On that note, we still send numerous items everyday to the UK. there is not exchange rate no import duties etc.
    It just takes a couple of extra days to arrive to you in the UK. We have found its about 4 days on average.